Year of the Dog

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Hearty Clay – White #30006454                                     

2 qty. - Eyes with washer Black 6mm #30160166

1 qty. - Eyes Solid Black 9mm #30148418

Acrylic Paint – Black, Brown or Grey

Paper Towels 


Small tip paintbrush

Low temp Glue Gun and Glue sticks



1. Take a golf ball size of white Hearty clay and roll into a smooth ball. Place on a clean dry surface and flatten the bottom a little so it will sit nicely. This is the dog’s head.

2. Take the two 6mm eyes and stick the stems into the clay about a third down from the top of the head. Take the 9mm eye and center below the eyes for the nose. Set aside to dry.

3. Take two 1/2” balls of the white Hearty clay and shape into teardrops for the ears. The larger end is the bottom of the ear. Place alongside the dog’s head for sizing. Shape how you want the ears to appear. Place the ears on crumpled paper towel to keep their shape while drying. Let dry.

4. When all of the pieces are dry, paint the ears with the acrylic paint. Let ears dry. Paint in “spots” on the dog’s head as desired. Let dry. Glue the ears to the head.

5. You can use your finished dog as an embellishment by gluing to a photo frame or adding a clip to hold notes.