Whimsical Pineapple Light

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1 qty. 5.6" Glass Bubble Ball Vase #30152676

2 qty. 8.5"x11" Clear Acetate Sheets #30086639

1 qty. Firefly Lights - Warm White 30 ct. #30151836

Decoart Glass Stain Black Leading #30159892

Decoart Glass Stain - Yellow #30159895

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - Apple Green #77628651

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint - Medium Foliage Green #30102918

Crystal Fiber Shreds - Iridescent #30017813

1" Foam Brush #10109

1/4" Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013284

Sharp Scissors

Black Sharpie Marker #91029

Rubbing Alcohol

Paper Tools or Seas Sponge


Prep: Use the rubbing alcohol to clean the glass surface of the bubble bowl.  Let dry.

NOTE: Follow the manufacturer's directions when applying both the black leading and glass paint to the glass bubble bowl.

Pineapple - (refer to the pdf as a guide)

1.  Carefully draw diagonal lines across the outside of the bubble ball with black leading.  You may want to do one side at a time.  Go one direction at a time, left to right.  Then, cross over with diagonal lines in the other direction, right to left.  This should form diamond shapes.  Make a dot in the center of each diamond section.  Let dry; manufacturer says approximately 6 hours.

Coloring The Pineapple - 

1.  Because the glass stain is very thin and will run over the curved edges, you will need to "sponge" on the paint.  Use a scrunched up paper tool or a sea sponge and dab the yellow glass stain paint onto the bubble bowl.  Let dry an hour, than add another layer for a brighter color.  Let dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

Leaves -

1.  Take the two 8.5"x11" clear acetate sheets and lay down, landscape style.  Take the apple green acrylic paint and brush on at least half of the sheet.  Add some strokes of the medium foliage green paint to blend.  Let dry.  Flip the sheets over.  On the unpainted side, use the Sharpie marker to draw about 11 leave points across the top down to just the middle of the sheet, like a fringe.  Cut the fringe apart, cutting away the lines.  Do this for both sheets.

2.  Roll up one left sheet up into a tube; make sure it will fit in the bubble ball opening.  Tape the ends together to keep the tube shape.

3.  Place some crystal fiber at the bottom of the bubble bowl.  Place the Firefly Lights around the inside of the bubble bowl.  Add the leaf tube and hide the battery pack inside the tube.  Cover with more crystal fibers.  Take the second leaf sheet and roll into a little smaller tube and tape to hold it's shape.  Place this tube inside of the first for another layer of leaves.  Slightly curl and bend the laves to shape the pine apple crown.