No Sew T-Shirt Bag

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You will need a T-shirt, scissors, ruler or yardstick and a pen/marker.


1. Lay the T-shirt flat in front of you and cut off the sleeves. 

2. Cut out the neckline into a larger circle or oval. (Tip: You can fold the t-Shirt in half, draw in your cutting line and cut out together)

3. Turn the T-shirt inside out if you want no fringe at the bottom of the bag. Decide how tall you want the bag.  Make sure the t-shirt is laid flat with the hems meeting up. Measure from the bottom hem and mark your points. 

4. Use the ruler or yardstick to draw a line across the t-shirt where you want the bottom of the bag to be.

5. Use the scissors to cut the t-shirt apart at both sides, stopping at the line.

6. From the bottom hem to the line, cut apart the t-shirt in approximately 1- inch sections.

7. T-shirt is cut apart across the whole width. 

8. Note: the strips are numbered to help explain the tying process. 

9. Tie both top and bottom A strips together

10. Tie both B strips together

11. Take one A and one B strip and tie together. This helps secure the bag and closes any gaps between knots at the bottom.

12. Tie both C strips together. Then, tie a B and C strip together

13. Continue this pattern of tying until you have tied all the strips together. If you had tied the bag with the t-shirt right side out, you will have a fringe bottom and your bag will look like this.

14. If you tied the bag with the right side in, trim the fringe and turn the bag right side out, it will look like this

15. Place items in your bag and you are ready to go!