Morse Code Memory Wire Bracelet

Download pdf and morse code reference chart.



Memory Wire Bracelet 30061087

3mm Bugle Beads in your choice of color (represents dashes)

11/0 Seed Beads in your choice of color (represents dots)

11/0 Delica Seed Beads in 2 colors of your choice (1 to separate the letters and the other to fill out the bracelet)

2mm Roundel Glass Beads (accent color)

Charm in your choice of design

Masking tape

Jump Ring


3 in 1 Tool 30056198

Memory Wire Cutter


1.  Use either the 3 in 1 Tool or a Memory Wire Cutter to cut the memory wire to the length you want for your bracelet.  Please remember to add extra length to make the loops on the ends of the bracelet.

2.  Using the bugle beads for dashes, the 11/0 seed beads for dots, and 1 color of the 11/0 delicate beads to spell out your word of phrase.

3.  Use a piece of masking tape as a bead stopper on one end of the bracelet.  String on a 2mm roundel and start stringing on what you've spelled out.  End the word or phrase with another 2mm roundel.  String on the 11/0 delicate seed beads onto the rest of the bracelet while trying to keep the morse code section centered, move the tape as needed to do this.

4.  Once you've filled up your bracelet, string on a 2mm roundel on each end and use the 3 in 1 Tool to loop up the ends to prevent the beads from falling off.  Attach a charm to one loop with a jump ring.