Gobble Gobble Berry Basket

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Ribbons to make a bow of your choice.

Cello Bag & Candies

1 ea. - Berry Basket, Kraft 30181385

2 ea. - Moving Eyes 123mm 30098230

3 ea. - Bumpy Chenille Ste, Orange 77859082

1 ea. - Foamie Brown 77613562, Yellow 30041087 & Orange 77613521




Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


1. Trace and cut out turkey's tail 1 each of yellow, brown, and orange Foamie.  Trace and cut out 2 wings from brown Foamie.  Trace and cut out 1 beak from orange Foamie.

2. Take the bumpy chenille stem and trim off 1 bump, bend the stem in half and twist the two open ends together to create the turkey's snoods.  Set aside.

3. Take the chenille stems with 2 bumps and bend in half to create a loop, twist the two open ends together.  Repeat to the other 2 pieces of chenille stems, you will need 3 pieces.  Glue the 3 loops on top of the brown turkey's tail.  Glue the tails to the back of the basket.  Please refer to the pictures for placement.

4.  Glue the wings to the each side of the basket.

5.  Glue on eyes, turkey's, snoods, and beak below eyes.

*Download PDF for patterns.