Gift Bag Card Attacher

Download pdf and template guide.



Pre-Made Card*

Gift Bag Tote

Cardstock - coordinating color(s) to gift bag and card*

1/4" Meriken Double Stick Tape 30013284

Fiskars surest Paper Trimmer 30088131


Metal Edge Ruler 30100068


Craft Utility Knife & Cutting Mat

Decorative Edge Paper Punches/Scissors and/or dies

NOTE:  Since the card will be slipped onto the gift bag, the folded edge of the card should be at the top.  Keep this in mind when making your card.


1.  Choose a coordinating gift bag to the card that you have made.

2.  Measure the card's folded edge and add 1 3/4" to get the width of the yardstick piece you will need to cut.  The height should be at least two inches high.  It can be more depending on the decorative edge you choose.  For example, a card that is 4" wide and 6' tall, you would make the yardstick piece 5 3/4" wide and 2" or more tall.

3.  Lay the cardstock strip down and the measure down 1" from the top and 3/4" in from both sides.  Mark with the pencil.

4.  Measure 1/4" down from the first line and use the pencil to connect the two lines at the sides to make a skinny horizontal box.

5.  Use the X-acto knife and metal ruler OR the Fishers Surecut Paper Trimmer with the wire guide to cut along the pencil lines.  The yardstick should end up with an open slot that is 1/4" tall and 1/4" longer than the card width.

6.  OPTIONAL:  You can make a decorative edge by cutting the top edge and sides with decorative edge scissors punches or dies.

7.  Place double stick tape behind just the top edge above the slot.  Position the yardstick on the gift bag and tape down.

8.  Slip your card through the slot to attach to the gift bag.