Flower Power Pen

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Ballpoint Pen with Cap
Loose Flower Stem (approx. 2.5 in. flower)
Green Floral Tape
Glue Sticks

Wire Cutters
Low Temp Glue Gun


Use the wire cutters and trim the flower stem to about 1.5 in. below the flower head.  Place the flower stem next to the barrel of the pen, opposite of the point.  Have the flower head rest on the end of the pen.  Glue part of the flower head down to the pen end if necessary.

Take the floral tape and wrap the barrel of the pen.  Start a little below the end of the stem and work your way up to the flower head.  Wrap several times below the flower head to secure.  Continue wrapping with the floral tape, working your way down the barrel.  Before you get to the end, make sure the pen cap is on.  Stop the floral tape just above the pen cap so that it is easy to remove the cap.

Optional: You can add leaves when you are wrapping the barrel of the pen with the floral tape.  You can tie a ribbon bow to the pen.