Fish Treat Holder

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Flat Paper Bag (5.5" x 7.5")

2-  3/4" White Paper Circles

Black Marker

Glue Dot or Double Stick Tape

6"-8" of Curling Ribbon

3/4" Circle Punch



1) Flip bag over to the back side.  From the bottom edge, fold up about 1/2" and crease well.

2) Continue folding accordion style fan for a total of 5 folds.

3) Turn the bag over and tuck the top white flap inside, making the top edges even.

4) Fold the bag in half, crease, and then open it up.

5) Fold both corners in, leaving an inch in the middle.  Crease well and unfold.

5) Tuck the folded corners in, using the folded lines as a guide.

6) Turn the bag sideways for the next step.

7) Pinch the center of the accordion fan fold.

8) Push the top and bottom edges together to scrunch up bag at the middle pinched area.

9) Tie the scrunched up section with the curling ribbon.  Curl the ends of the ribbon.  You can puff out the body more to shape the fish.

10) Punch out two 3/4" circles from white cardstock.  Use a black marker to color in the eyes.  Tape or glue dot one eye on each side of the fish.

11) Open up the fish and place a treat inside!  If you keep the fish flat, the treat will stay inside.  Or you can tape the mouth closed.